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Metal Clip Connection Plasterboard Cleanroom Panel System

Key words: Composite Panel、Fireproof Door、Sanitary Units

The company manufactures and markets a complete line of cleanroom panel, cleanroom door, cleanroom window and other components of cleanroom materials since 1995, which up to the GMP Standard requirement.


- Marine decoration materials: The company manufactures and markets a complete line of composite rockwool panel, composite aluminum honeycomb panel, fireproof door, sanitary units and other components of cabin facilities since 2005, and has established long-term cooperation relations with domestic shipyards in China. The company and products are authorized for ISO 9001-2000 in addition to safety of life at sea (SOLAS), CCS, LR, GL, ABS, KR, DNV, NK, EC.

When made of the baking finish steel plate which has low dust generation, DONG RUI metal clip connection plasterboard cleanroom wall panel system is well suitable for the industrial cleanroom and pharmaceutical cleanroom. If made of color steel plate or aluminum plate, it can be applied to the common office decoration. Due to the shrapnel connection structure, this product can be easily installed and dismantled.






Connection Rendering

Jiangyin Dongrui Decoration Materials Co.,Ltd

Jiangyin Dongrui Decoration Materials Co.,Ltd 

General Physical Performance

Wall thickness



Conventional width



DONG RUI length

3500mm (monolithic, the height of the wall can be reached 20m)

3500mm (monolithic, the height of the wall can be reached 20m)

Main Material

Panel material

Painting galvanized steel sheet and the others

Painting galvanized steel sheet

Filling material

Plaster board, rock wool

Plaster board, rock wool


Clip, 2mm gap

Clip, 2mm gap

Fire Resistance

60min and 240min

to be confirmed

Applicable Place

Electronic cleanroom, pharmaceutical cleanroom, operating room

Office partitions and other decorating places


DONG RUI series is applicable for all the cleanrooms of ISO standard from CLASS 1 to CLASS 9. Not only does it have horizontal reinforcing structure, but also excellent intensity and accurate size. With the detachable modulus assembling structure, other facilities such as the concealed water intake point can be easily installed on. Having various changing clips, our DONG RUI serious suits various places. Currently, it is warmly welcomed in the market.



1. The specially designed shrapnel is manufactured from imported steel plate through unique processing method. It can effectively ensure the firmness of the wall panel after installed.
2. The combination of the modularized bar keel and high-precision enhanced horizontal keel has effectively ensured the intensity and stability of the wall. In addition, it also makes the installation much more convenient.
3. When we install the wall, our H-keel can guarantee the stability and uniform stress.
4. The plasterboard applies aluminum foil protective veneer or galvanized steel veneer to offer excellent resistance to moisture and deformation.
5. Return air inlet inside the wall not only helps save the space, but also ensures the aesthetics.

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