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Clean door working principle and installation

The clean door products have good overall performance, and have the advantages of beautiful appearance, flatness, high strength, corrosion resistance, no dust accumulation, no dusting, easy cleaning, etc., and the installation is convenient and fast. The door frame of the utility model has adjustable width and good sealing performance.

The clean door requires that the cleanest air be sent to the operating site first, and its role is to limit and reduce contamination of the workpiece. To this end, these principles should be considered when designing airflow organization: minimize eddy currents, avoid contamination outside the work area into the work area; try to prevent secondary dust from flying to reduce the chance of dust contamination of the workpiece; airflow in the work area As uniform as possible, and its wind speed should meet the process and hygiene requirements.

The clean door comprises a door frame, a door leaf and a door lock, wherein the door leaf and the door frame are connected by a door core frame, the clean door further comprises a door body sealing strip and a mechanical lifting sealing device, wherein the door body sealing strip is disposed on the door leaf The mechanical lifting and sealing device is fixedly disposed on the lower bottom surface of the door core frame.

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