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Ship decoration works are not simple packaging

The ship decoration project mainly uses the surface decoration materials and exquisite processing technology to superimpose and decorate the ornamented object or the living environment, and integrates with the ornamented object to expand its appearance and enhance the visual aesthetic effect. Improve its quality, economic value and social benefits.

The decoration project is a tangible project. It is the last process to determine whether the ship is successfully built and the first business card before the ship is delivered to the shipowner.

There are two main aspects to the ship's decorative effect: one is exterior and the other is interior. The exterior is like our own instrument, mainly reflected in the fluency of the pre-design line type, the coordination and artistry of the overall layout of the superstructure, driving building, mast, chimney, etc.; the painting quality and color matching in the later shipyard, The hull LOG logo, pattern, boat name logo layout, lighting effects, etc.

The interior is relatively complicated, and its effect depends not only on the level of interior materials, equipment and equipment, but also the uniqueness and mediocrity of the model. The lighting effect is beautiful or not. It also depends on the coordination and reasonableness of the whole system layout of the cabin. Sex, unity, exquisite workmanship and the level of detail.

Ship decoration is not a simple packaging project. It involves many aspects and involves many fields, such as the change of ship type, the application of new materials, the standard of ship inspection, even from the source of design review, to the refinement of production design. Every link must be highly concerned, and it is necessary to strengthen process supervision and inspection in order to produce new results.