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Are the ship's portholes in the ship's interior secrets round?

When the ship is built inside, the reason why the ship's portholes are designed to be round is not for aesthetics, but has a certain scientific rationale. According to the mechanics principle, the circular shape is more resistant to stresses such as pressure and shear than other shapes. (When the material is deformed, internally generated equal-sized but opposite-direction reaction forces resist external forces, and the distribution of internal forces at one point is called stress)

If the portholes are rectangular or diamond-shaped, when they are subjected to external pressure, shear, etc., the stress will concentrate on the corners of the rectangle or diamond; when the stress is large enough, the porthole angle will tend to deform or rupture. This will greatly reduce the strength of the hull structure and affect the safe navigation of the ship. The circular porthole is different. When a part of it is subjected to an external force, it will evenly distribute this external force to various parts. This can largely avoid the damage caused by excessive stress concentration at one location.

According to the mathematical principle, under certain conditions of the circumference, the circle is larger than any other shape; this means that the circular porthole has the largest amount of light when the amount of construction and the phenomenon of seepage and leakage are substantially the same. In addition, the round shape is very beautiful. For the above reasons, the designers selected the circular shape as the porthole of the ship.