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Ship armor is of great significance in shipbuilding technology

Ship armor accounts for a considerable proportion of the ship. The ship is composed of many parts. According to the function and use of each part, it can be comprehensively summarized into three parts: hull, ship power plant and ship armor.

Ships occupy a very important position in national defense, national economy and marine development. The main technical characteristics of the ship are ship displacement, ship main scale, hull coefficient, cabin capacity and registered tonnage, hull profile, ship general layout, hull structure, specifications of main technical equipment, etc.; Sex, stability, resistance to sinking, rapidity, seakeeping, maneuverability and economy.

Shipbuilding technology is an ancient technology that has been developed until now, and it is a long-lasting success. It fully reflects the ingenuity of mankind to conquer nature and naturally reflects the overall industrial strength of a country.

China was a pioneer in this field in ancient times. In particular, we pioneered the invention of the compass needle, which made us and the world shipbuilding and navigation technology advance by leaps and bounds. In the Ming Dynasty, Zheng He led the ocean-going fleet to travel around the country. It is a pity that later on, we began to rest on its laurels, and it was Westerners who pushed shipbuilding and navigation technology to the extreme.

Until now, since the shipbuilding industry is also a labor-intensive industry, the contemporary shipbuilding center has gradually moved to East Asia, including Japan, South Korea, China and our Taiwan region. Among them, shipbuilding technology is still the first in Japan, of course, the United States and Western Europe. Countries still have their own unique skills.