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How does the ship furniture after the wind and rain still maintain the original feeling?

Many friends who have seen the furniture of the ship will ask, why can such wood be manipulated after the wind and rain? Today is Wednesday, Jinyang Ship takes you to understand the professional problem from a professional perspective. : How does the ship furniture after the wind and rain still maintain the original feeling?

When many friends choose ship furniture, the preferred type is weathered, rough, and vicissitudes. At this time, you only need to tell your thoughts and our designers that our designers will give you a plan, that is The ship furniture is weathered and lacquer-free, the color is not so beautiful, but such ship wood furniture is placed outdoors, let the wind and rain, is still the original ecological feeling of the wood itself.

The ship furniture after the wind and rain still maintains the original feeling. It turned out that it was done, is it very simple.

The grade of ship furniture: the difference of grade is the biggest difference between ship furniture and land furniture. The ship is equipped with furniture according to the ranks of captain, senior crew, junior officer, intermediate crew and general crew. The specific difference is in function, shape and size. , material, color and other aspects.

Ship furniture fixing method: Ship furniture must be fixed and fixed on the surrounding wall and deck. The reason is that the ship is swaying at sea.

Material for the use of marine furniture: wooden furniture: wooden furniture is made of wood, plywood, plastic panels, and furniture. The wooden furniture has the characteristics of good shape, strong decoration, natural texture, convenient production and processing, and light weight.

Steel furniture: steel furniture is generally painted and sprayed with furniture, aluminum-plastic furniture, stainless steel furniture.